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Pinwheel Garden Spotlights Child Abuse Month

April is Child Abuse Prevention Month and the GFWC North Myrtle Beach Woman’s Club wants to be a part of the movement in South Carolina to prevent child abuse. Seventeen members planted 480 pinwheels and created their garden in the very center of North Myrtle Beach at the intersection of Robert Edge Parkway and Highway 17.

Pinwheels represent the happy, carefree childhood that all children should enjoy. They serve as a striking example of  the safe and nurturing environment every child deserves.

The Children’s Trust of South Carolina is leading the campaign to plant “Pinwheels for Prevention” to bring awareness to this cause. It estimates that child abuse costs South Carolina about $1 billion dollars annually, in direct and indirect expenses. It can have devastating and long term effects on individuals.

In conjunction with the Child Abuse Prevention month, club members Jeannie Turner, Peggy Opitz, Deborah Scholvin, Mary Fischer, Sue Burgess, and Stephanie Williams attended the first meeting in April of the North Myrtle Beach City Council, where they accepted a proclamation from Mayor Marilyn Hatley declaring April 2017 as National Child Abuse and Neglect Prevention Month in North Myrtle Beach.

Jeannie Turner, GFWC NMBWC Chairperson for “Pinwheels for Prevention” said, “Planting the pinwheel garden to honor our children and having our city recognize April as Child Abuse Prevention Month will  help bring awareness to child abuse. This is our third year planting the garden. Our hope is that more folks will stand up and get involved when it comes to child neglect and abuse.”

The pinwheel garden will be on display at the intersection during the month of April.

To learn more about child abuse in South Carolina visit the Children’s Trust of South Carolina’s web site at



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