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GFWC North Myrtle Beach Woman’s Club Officers for April 2016-April 2018

stephaniewilliamsxStephanie Williams
Photo ComingVice President
Membership Chair
janicebrittJanice Britt
First Vice President
Program Chair
Cynthia WhitleyCynthia Whitley
Second Vice President
mariajohnsonMaria Johnson
Corresponding Secretary
Peggy OpitzPeggy Opitz
Tracie RossTracie Ross
almabroughAlma Brough
Sue BurgessSue Burgess

GFWC North Myrtle Beach Woman’s Club Committees
April 2016-April 2018

North Myrtle Beach Woman's Club committee meeting.Advocacy for Children
(Sea Haven, Children’s Recovery Center, SOS Autism, Girl Scouts, Children’s Advocacy Week, USO Reading Program) Chairperson-Deborah Scholvin; Co-Chair-Karen Brown; Committee-Anne Elliott, Judy Carlson, Lynda Hardee, Marie Jaget, and Mary Fischer.

St. Patrick’s Day Float, Children’s Art Project, NMB Historical Museum) Chairperson-Kristy Kirkland; Committee-Betty Cole, Saundra Anthony, Tasha Savage and Kelly Brown.

Budget and Finance
(Recommends Allocations, Approves Budget Expenditure, Approves Funding Greater than $100) Chairperson-Peggy Opitz; Committee-Tracie Ross, Charlotte Wiltshire, Alma Brough, Juliet Casper, Faye Chowning, Jeri McCumbee, Sue Poss, Sharon Slater.

By Laws
(Drafts Changes to the Club Constitution and Presents to Club for Vote) Chairperson-Brenda Tarkenton; Committee-Alma Brough, Sue Burgess, and Jeri McCumbee

(Responsible for Devotions at Club Meetings) Chairperson-Barbara McCahill; Committee Claudia Calcutt and Jill Moore.

Communications & Publicity
(Web Site, Facebook, Newspapers, Scrapbook) Chairperson-Sue Poss; Committee-Joyce Thomas, Juliet Casper, Mary Kay Nance, and Cheryl Watson.

(Recycling plastic bags, newspapers, phone books, & beautification of North Myrtle Beach projects) Chairperson-Saundra Anthony; Committee-Betty Cole, Kelly Brown, Maria Johnson.

Domestic Violence Signature Project
(Victim’s Advocate Program, Center for Women and Children, Legislative Issues for Advocacy) Chairperson-Janine Lawson; Committee-Sandy Rainwater, Jeannie Turner, Anne Elliott, Dolores Craven, Terry Cutsall, Marilyn Hatley, Jeanine Priore, Cynthia Walters, Sandy Young.

Christmas Wrap FundraiserEducation
(Tools for Schools, Scholarships, Literacy, Coats for Kids, Teen Angel, All Education Projects) Chairperson-?; Committee-Dolores Craven, Lynda Hardee, Heather Smith, Ellen Thompson, Cynthia Whitley, Jane Ellen Bonner, Olga Nieves, Ellen Simpson, Rima Hulen.

Home Life
(North Strand Helping Hands, North Strand Housing Shelter, Habitat for Humanity, NMB Humane Society, All Health Awareness Issues and Projects) Chairperson-Sue Erway; Co-Chair-Kelly Brown; Committee-Sherry Baldwin, Dana Black, Jane Ellen Bonner, Karen Brown, Betty  Cole, Dolores Craven, Kathy Heagen, Maria Johnson, Kim Losito, Jill Moore, Deborah Scholvin, Ellen Simpson, Barbara Stephens, Kowena Suckstorf, Cynthia Walters, Sandy Young, Sandy Rainwater, Tracie Ross, Mary Fishcer, Marie Jaget, and Judy Carlson.

(Coordinates Dinner Reservations for Meetings, Collects Payment for Dinners, Assists Corresponding Secretary, Coordinates with Eastern District President for Eastern District meeting and Southern District Conference, and all Club Social Events) Chairperson-Dolly McDermott; Co-Chair-Faye Chowning; Committee-Olga Nieves, Peggy Opitz, Pamela Huey, Roberta Vellucci, Marlisa Small, and Megan Edwards.

International Affairs
(Shot@Life & Operation Smile) Chairperson-Janine Lawson; Committee-Charlotte Wiltshire.

(Responsible for Creation, Proofing, & Printing of Hand Book & for Member’s Hand Book Photos) Chairperson-Kowena Suckstorf; Committee-Sharon Slater, Brenda Tarkenton, Jo Moore.

(Meets in January of the biennially even year to select the slate of officers for two year term. Presents the slate of officers to the board members at the February meeting with an election occurring at the March meeting and installation at the April meeting.) Chairperson-Janine Lawson; Committee-Brenda Tarkenton, Sue Burgess, Jeannie Turner, Janice Britt, and Jo Moore.

Public Issues
(NMB Public Safety Department, Troops, GFWC-SC State President’s Project, Legislative Activities/Issues) Chairperson-Cynthia Whitely; Committee-Marilyn Hatley and Dana Griffin.

(Assists Club President on GFWC-SC Reporting.) Chairperson-Stephanie Williams; Committee-Kowena Suckstorf, Sue Erway.

Ways & Means, Fundraising & Development
(Steering Committee Only-All members work all fundraising projects.) Chairperson-Marlisa Small; PWP Chairperson-Jeri McCumbee; Committee-Toni Phillips, Ellen Thompson, Patricia Harrison.

Christmas Tour of Homes
Chairperson-Kathy Heagen; Co-Chair-Dolly McDermott; Committee-Terry Cutsail, Pamela Huey, Barbara McCahill, Jeannine Priore, Roberta Vellucci, Claudia Calcutt, Sue Erway, Kim Losito, Toni Phillips.
Committees Working