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GFWC-SC Special Project for 2014-2016

“Bringing Respectability to the Issue of Mental Health”

GFWC-SC President Caroline Mahaffey will focus on the importance of good mental health. Mental health issues affect countless areas of our lives and our community.  One in four adults live with a diagnosable, treatable mental health disorder.  Some are simply more obvious than others.  Homeless people, for example, may suffer from some sort of mental health issue.  We are aware that some are alcoholics and addicts, but what puts some addicts/alcoholics on the streets while others function in the corporate world?  Create a great master piece?  Author a book? Run for office? Join the military? Veterans, especially, returning from deployment face serious issues relating to mental health including suicide. Many from all walks of life in our society suffer from poor mental health. The need is great. GFWC-SC encourages clubs to find ways to educate the public and provide support to those with mental  health problems.