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Club Gives to Quilts of Valor Foundation

Quilts of Valor ContributionOur dear club member, Alma Brough, presents the club’s donation check in the amount of $500 to Joan Wobbleton, a Quilts of Valor Foundation representative.

The Quilts of Valor Foundation, established in 2003, is a 501(c)  nonprofit organization that focuses on recognizing veterans and ensuring they are thanked for their service.  It has now expanded to recognize all veterans of wartime service. More than 135,000 quilts have been awarded nationwide.

In the Grand Strand alone, more than 425 veterans have received Quilts of Valor. Local organizers Jim and Joan Wobbleton work with a group called Myrtle Beach Shore Birds to create the quilts for the local servicemen. The group sews the tops of quilts, usually in a red-white-and-blue design. Then the tops and backing are sent to longarmers who put the 60 inche by 80 inch quilts together.

The group works diligently to raise money and awareness via festivals, community events, and other charitable organization. Donations allow the foundation to buy in bulk fabric and supplies needed for the quilt creation.

Visit the regional QOVF Facebook Page to learn more or the QOVF’s web site. Here’s a great editorial about the organization also. The GFWC North Myrtle Beach Woman’s Club is proud to support an organization that honors and recognizes our veterans and their service to our country.



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